Ice Blended & Others Menu di Awak Coffee

Hari Anda ribet? Need to sit back & relax but not yet for coffee? How about ice blended menu that comes from our barista on 2nd floor. We have some ice blended to kill your thirst.

Daftar Menu Ice Blended & Other Drinks di Awak Coffee:

(gambar menu)

Keterangan Menu Ice Blended & Other Drinks

Chocolate / Cocoa

- Hot Chocolate

- Chocolate Milkshake

Green Tea

- Green Tea Latte

- Green Tea Iced Latte


- Strawberry Latte

- Strawberry Iced Tea Mocktails


- Tumeric Latte

Iced Tea Mocktails

- Strawberry Iced Tea

- Mango Iced Tea

- Lychee Iced Tea