Bookings / Reservations

Need to host an event? Gathering? or Birthday Party? our 3rd floor can occupy 150 peoples max.

We have a large stage complete with sound system and lighting.

We have many types of seating, weather you want a 2 chair and a table or 1 big table for 10 people, we have it.

Tvs & Projectors:
We also have a big projectors on the stage and also 5 TVs networked so you can just visualise your events.

Food & Beverages:
Our coffee have so many varieties and beverages based espresso. You can also get our 2nd floor food for your event such as roti kreak, hotplates, and many more unique foods & beverages available.

Booking / Reservation

For booking / reservation, just hit us in one of these lines:
Phone: +626142081088
Email: awakcoffee[at]
Instagram/Facebook Message: @awakcoffee